Learn skills to think better

Learn skills to think better

You are good enough

You are good enough

Ready for a change?

Ready for a change?

Leap into your life

Leap into your life

The Wellbeing Company  provides professional workshops,

counselling & coaching to help busy people think better.

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Fuel your Affirmations by Jack Canfield   Every thought we think is creating our future. –Louise L. Hay Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to create a vibration match for what you want to attract into your life. Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation. Your thoughts and [...]

  Have you ever started eating an ice cream cone, taken a lick or two, then noticed all you had was a sticky napkin in your hand? Or been going somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realize you haven’t noticed anything or anyone you met along the way? Of course you have, we [...]

If something is not working in your life and you are really sick and tired of repeating the same patterns and plodding the same old well worn path to negativity, then STOP. Yes sounds simplistic, but once you make the decision to make positive changes you are then open to learn skills to sustain this [...]

Sounds strange, but many of us try and do this again and again. We endlessly obsess, re-live, revisit or replay scenes from our past in the hope we will gain a better understanding or clarity about our present lives. Some things are best forgotten and to waste more of your valuable energy revisiting them makes [...]

   What Drains You? It is an unfortunate part of life that despite our best intentions, there may be people, places, events or things that sap your energy, erode your confidence and paralyse your dreams. You may get a sense that you are not really happy, but are unsure exactly what is preventing you from [...]

According to a recent poll 20% of the population are chronic procrastinators, does the following sound familiar? “Making a decision for no valid reason to delay or not complete a task or goal you’ve committed too, and instead doing something of lesser importance, despite there being negative consequences to not following through on the original [...]

Over 700 years ago, William from a village called Ockham in England surmised that “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.” This has become known as “Ockham’s Razor” This simple idea has become a universal tool for proving things in science, philosophy, psychology and theology. The idea is that the process with the least amount of [...]

What do you tell yourself everyday? Is it: kind? true? helpful? If it is none of these then become more mindful of the way that you talk to yourself. There is little point in being an enemy with yourself Your mind begins to believe what you tell it, so shower it with love and praise. [...]



Counselling can be beneficial for a range of reasons and stressors in our life, sometimes left untreated these stressors may result in depression, anxiety or stress. The triggers which cause these reactions are varied and may include, relationship difficulties, disordered patterns of eating, health and fertility issues, loss of identity, addictions, career concerns or grief.

Adjusting to new situations including becoming a parent, moving country, changes in work, challenges in family relationships may precipitate the onset of low mood. High anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth can also be experienced and support is available.

Lisa will work with you to listen to what you are really saying in a non-judgemental and intuitive manner and help guide you in reaching better clarity. A number of modalties including, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and minfulness are utilised.


Medicare Rebates for Psychology Services

Lisa has a Medicare Provider number and under the Better Access initiative you can receive a substantial rebate for psychological treatment ($84.80 per session), which makes seeing a psychologist much more affordable.

If you do wish to claim a rebate through Medicare,you will need a referral letter and a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. Make an appointment with your GP to discuss the issues you have been facing. Your GP will then raise a Mental Health Care plan with Medicare. Please make sure you bring to your first appointment the referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan so that you’ll be able to claim the rebate. Following a review with the referring doctor after six sessions, a further four sessions can be granted, allowing a maximum of ten sessions per calendar year. Click here for further information.

Health Fund Rebates

If you belong to a private health fund, you may be able to claim a rebate for psychological services. The exact amount of the rebate will depend upon your level of cover, and the rebate varies between health funds. It is best to check with your fund for an exact per session rebate figure.


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, Lisa asks that you do so more than 24 hours before the appointment. A 50% cancellation fee will apply if this criteria is not met. For missed appointments without notice the full session fee will be charged.



Payment is by cash, credit card or eftpos. HICAPS is available.


Think you could be depressed?

Feelings of sadness, loss, and even misery are normal human emotions. These feelings may follow a disappointment, loss of a friend, loss of a job, or a number of other stressful or unpleasant life events. These feelings are common and are experienced by everyone.

Most of the time we recover quite quickly from our sadness, especially if we have other good things happening in our lives. Some people, however, continue to feel extremely miserable for long periods of time even though there may no longer be a good reason for feeling this way. Friends are unable to snap these people out of their depression and pleasant or lucky life events pass by unnoticed.

There are still other people who become extremely depressed for no obvious reason at all. At first they may just feel a bit down and find it difficult to get through the day. As their depression worsens they may lose their motivation to do anything at all until they reach the point where they have trouble even getting dressed in the morning.

Although there is a tendency to label all our unpleasant feelings as ‘depression’, there are clearly some people whose depression is much more severe than others. Severe depression that occurs for no obvious reason, or that continues for a long time despite the occurrence of pleasant life events and encouragement from friends, is called `major depression’ or a ‘depressive disorder’.

Signs of Depression:

Any of these features may serve as a warning signal of depression although many may also occur in disorders other than depression. It is important to seek treatment if you are experiencing some of the above symptoms.



If you are looking to engage with a coach on a personal level, Lisa offers individual coaching to a small number of clients, where she is fully committed to your goals and uncovering your purpose.

Coaching is essentially an interactive process where we guide and facilitate your progress towards defined goals. Do you have a desire and a readiness to make a change in your life? Recently one client commented “Coaching helps me to define where I want to go and gets me there faster and more easily than if I worked on my own”. How much greater could you be if you had someone working with you who is 100% committed to your success?

If you are contemplating coaching, but are coming up with reasons as to why you should not engage in a coaching relationship you are not alone, people will often block change even if it will benefit them immensely because of fear, not feeling worthy, see it as indulgent, a sign of weakness, expense or that somehow coaching is for other people, but not them. All of these resistances are normal, but it is worth bearing in mind that many of the most successful people in the world have long understood the immense benefits of coaching. At no other time in human history have we had access to so much information and resources, yet we are more confused than ever.

Working one on one, you’ll discover your core values and beliefs, and achieve results as you move toward where you want to be. With greater clarity in your life, you’ll grow through the changes rather than be overwhelmed by them. Sessions are conducted face to face in our Balgowlah office. Phone or skype sessions can also be accommodated.


The Wellbeing Company offers professional development days to help others learn practical skills to aid them at work


The Skilled Counsellor at Work

Whether you are a manager or work directly in HR this workshop equips non specialists with basic listening and communication skills to support staff or clients with issues which may arise.

The Skilled Mind at Work

Understanding causes of stress and what personal strategies help or hinder the stress you experience are identified. Ways to avoid burnout and master your mind are outlined.

The Skilled Coach at Work

Introduces coaching skills and techniques to help identify issues and develop strategies which can be implemented quickly.




Lisa Walsh – BA Hons, PGCE, MSc Psy, Adv.Coach, Assoc MAPS


Lisa is a registered psychologist, runs group therapy in psychiatric settings, lectures and has a private practice. Utilising her experience in the psychiatric and educational field Lisa now conducts impactful workshops to equip non clinicians with practical communication tools.

Educated in England, Lisa holds a Master’s of Science in Applied Psychology, which focused on the principles of health and organisational Psychology. She has completed a graduate diploma in coaching and is a qualified teacher. Lisa has been published in a number of corporate journals and magazines.

She is the co-author of  ‘A Fresh Approach to Business Inspiration’ which focuses on managing stress more effectively. She keeps abreast of the latest advances in psychology by regularly attending professional development training and is a lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health and a tutor at Notre Dame University.

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I was stuck in a corporate job I hated. Each day I walked into the office I felt a little part of me die. I was struck by how capable Lisa was at making sense of day to day stress and the long term effects it has on happiness. I was a bit of a sceptic as I’ve never seen a counsellor or a coach before and was doubtful of how she could really help – how wrong I was! Talking about my current situation made me realise how stuck and unhappy I actually was. Through Lisa’s gentle guidance I started to see that I had many options. I began making decisions in line with what I really wanted. Lisa’s unconditional support helped me switch jobs and learn to speak honestly about what I actually wanted. Thank you Lisa.

Mandy. D

I have battled with depression for over 20 years and also, increasingly, with social anxiety and having just found out I was losing my sight I started seeing Lisa. She was engaging to talk to and never did the whole sunshine and happy thoughts bit, but would let me talk about what I was feeling and offer up ways that could help with the individual issues at the time. Unlike most counsellors that I’ve dealt with over the years, she genuinely cared about what I was going through. Through my sessions with Lisa, I started to feel better enough to start thinking of my future, going blind didn’t have to mean sitting alone in my flat for the rest of my life. I’d missed the chance of university when I left school and had always regretted it and with the help Lisa had given me I stopped seeing my current situation as an end and started looking at it as a new beginning. And I can proudly say that as well as being back at work, I’m now also well into the first year studying for a degree. And haven’t felt this fulfilled possibly ever! I will always be eternally grateful for having the chance to have worked with Lisa. I would most certainly be in a far different place if I had not. I have not totally conquered my demons and still have a lot to face, but Lisa has helped give me the confidence and the skills that will get me there.

Michael K

Workshop Feedback

Feedback about your keynote address was very positive and participants appreciated your content, knowledge and skills in addressing wellness in the workplace

Pam S – President Independent Education Union

Excellent presentation, speaker was knowledgeable and approachable.

Lauren G – HR Manager Miele

This talk was informative and practical in nature and we will be engaging the services of Lisa in the future.

Vicky W – HR Manager Schaeffer Group

Great to take a step back & think about life’s priorities. This kind of course is good for our health!

Jane D Canberra Grammar School

Engaging & motivating content to really beat stress.

Sarah W St Clare’s School

Please download a copy of ‘Mental Wellness in the Workplace’ by Lisa Walsh seen in Corporate Wellness Journal: Corporate Wellness


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Located between Manly Cycles and Northside Runners

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EMAIL: lisa@lisawalsh.org


“ In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the  right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can  do is nothing.”
Theodore Roosevelt 
 ”When you close your mind to new ideas or new ways of doing things, you might miss out on easier, better ways.”
Cheryl Richardson
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